About / Tan Phuoc Thinh Company Introduction

      The Tan Phuoc Thinh Construction & Investment J.S Co., : the TPT, was, at first times , established under the name of  the Private Development  and  Construction Enterprise with the several  business scopes and duties , doing business  around Vietnam territory.  The TPT has been contributing, dramatically, into the development of Economy and Society of Ba Ria-Vung Tau , and for all the Country in general speaking.

      During the time of doing Business-Manufacturing, the TPT always sets the “ Prestige “ motto at the advanced aim, the TPT has been evaluated as the multi-aspect-developed private entity by the foreign and domestic Partners, and  set up a stable position in the joining way of the World Economy.

Perspective of the Tan Phuoc Thinh Company Head Office


      From 1993 till now, the TPT has been executing hundreds of construction projects for the foreign and domestic clients, customers. All these executed projects have been secured for high quality, durable, beautiful aspects. It aims to meet the more and more high requirements of customers and clients. The TPT has frequently been investing his budget into machinery, tools, equipments for manufacturing in the fields. Besides, the TPT has been increasing the capability of the management staffs, technical experts, and also training the skillful workers  accordingly to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard  Processing Procedure.

      The TPT wishes co.operate with the clients, customers in various fields of Construction, Investment,  Trading, and Services. Coming to the TPT that means you are coming to relations of the stable  co.operation, duration; It is just because  our motto is"Prestige-  Quality- Effectiveness-  Friends of the Investors"

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